Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just a brief note...


Currently I'm lodging with some family in Polk County, Wisconsin. I'm fairly exhausted, so I'll be short.

I had to walk up about 50% of the Brule River. It looks like a very fun river if you're going down-stream. There are some class 2-3 rapids and plenty of little rapids to bounce on. Of course going against the current is brutal at times. At some points I was barely able to keep my feet. The last 15 miles or so mellow out into a large spruce bog, which made for an interesting paddle. The river is very narrow at this point and requires a lot of bushwacking. Anyway, after the bog there is a 2 mile portage to Upper St. Croix Lake. It's a nice portage with lots of info about the fur trade route. Apparently this portage was in use up until about 1930.

Been on the St. Croix River since then and loving the down-stream paddling. It's a very scenic paddle and plenty of good campsites. I made it to St. John's Landing yesterday and said howdy so some friends from the conservation corps. I felt a bit like royalty getting to use the shower, laundry, and getting some good food.

It's about 11 at night here and I'm ready to crash. I hope to make the Mississippi in a couple days here. Time is becoming a bit of an issue. I have to be in Lawrence, KS on the morning of August 12th. And classes start a few days after that. Sure hope Dirty can last that long.



  1. Way go Rudy,
    If you are still on the Mississippi the first week in August I'll take a day off and see if your mom and I can find you and paddle along with the canoe for awhile. It sure was fun on the Brule. Amazing how you could do that river in just 3 days. While we were paddling with you I think we progressed a mile or two in two hours. Happy trails on the St. Croix and when you get to the Mississippi do like ET would do.........Phone Home



  2. Glad to hear you made it to St. John's landing!!! Thanks for doing this adventure!

  3. St. John's Landing! Way to go. (Sorry the Brule was so arduous on the lower half.) When I stop to think about the entire route you are traveling, it just blows my mind.

  4. Rudy,
    Thanks for another great post. I think you should find a way to keep writing about nature/adventure after this trip. That's probably not part of the standard Cognitive Pyschology PhD program but I think you're discovering a talent there.
    Keep havin' fun,

  5. Rudy

    I'm anchored about 30nm outside of Duluth right now, and I had no idea MN actually had beautiful scenery...;) And I will also admit that Superior is my favorite lake, at least it's the best for sailing... waves, seaspray and good wind make it almost like the ocean. As far as swimming goes, I almost had a stroke when I jumped in today to wash off. Glad to see you've made it almost home safely and happily and that you had a kickass time! Good luck in school this year.

    Fair winds and following seas:)